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Reliable UK-Wide VoIP Service

Ideal for small to medium Business and start-ups.

Order from us 1 single PSTN line from £12.50vat per month on which we can put our ultra reliable Business Broadband.  Then just add VOIP over the top.

A typical setup with 4 phone lines all with direct NGN numbers if desired from just £15 + vat per month or the same as BT charge for just for 1 line!

VoIP Pricing

We offer a full range of VoIP products suitable for single-user and multiple user business customers. Pricing for our single-user solution; VoIP Express, our hosted multiple-user solution; VoIP Enrich and our SIP trunking service; VoIP is shown below.  For more details on our bespoke services please contact us.

VoIP Enrich – Virtual PBX

Set Up Fee: £5.00

Per Month: £7.00

VoIP Enrich Add-Ons

The price above includes 1 voicemail, queue, hunt group, single-level auto-attendant and extension number. A UK Geo (01/02) or Non-Geo (03, 0845) telephone number is included on which two simultaneous calls can be made or received. Calls between extensions do not use a channel.

Per User Licence. Includes an Extension Number, a Voicemail box, a Geo or Non-Geo Number and 2 concurrent voice channels, allowing an incoming call to go to voicemail whilst you make a call out: £2.50 per month (Ex VAT)

Additional Call Queue: £4.00 per month (Ex VAT)

Additional Hunt Group: £4.00 per month (Ex VAT)

Call Recording Licence: £2.50 per month (Ex VAT)

Each hunt group, call queue and extension which you record requires a licence. So an installation with 1 hunt group, 1 queue and 2 DDIs that you wish to record would require 4 licences.

1GB Call Recording Server Storage: £2.50 per month (Ex VAT)

Optional Voicemail Notifications by SMS - per message charge: £0.10 (Ex VAT)

Number Porting

We can port your existing BT telephone number to our VoIP system enabling you to retain your telephone number.

Single analogue number: £30.00 Setup fee

Multi number (DDI or number range): £40.00 Setup fee

Simple DDI range (1-9 DDIs): £75.00 Setup fee

Complex DDI range (10+ DDIs): £150.00 Setup fee

Penalty fee for failed ports: £60.00 Setup fee

A penalty fee will be applied if the number port is rejected due to failure to provide the correct information to BT. E.g. Submitting the wrong postcode, type of port or if the port is cancelled, left to expire or postponed for any reason.

Note: When you port your BT number to our VoIP service, your PSTN line using that number will cease on the day of the transfer. If this is your sole line and you use it for broadband, your broadband will also cease. It is your responsibility to ensure continuity of service.

All pricing is stated in GBP and excludes VAT.

30 day cancellation period applies. E & OE.

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