We offer a wide range of computer services available for both business and home users, check them out below.

Windows Upgrades or Re-Install

Are you still using an old Operating system like Windows XP and want to upgrade to windows 7 or 8, we make sure that your system is compatible with an update.

We make a full backup of all your important documents, photos, music and videos so you will have piece of mind that nothing is missing when your machine gets its upgrade. We can also re-install your current windows operating system and start a fresh its up to you. Call today to book an appointment with us.

Computer Upgrades/Maintenance

Are you looking to upgrade to a bigger hard drive or add a bit more ram to speed up your computer?

At AIC IT we can examine your PC and get you the upgrade you need this would give you the boost you need.

Need some IT Help? An experienced IT Technician will remedy those annoying error messages and fix all those little issues that your unable to fix yourself. We offer a no fix - no fee service, so if we cant fix your problem we wont charge you.

Call today to find out how you can get your machine the upgrade it needs, a friendly member of staff will be happy to assist you.

PC Health Check / Virus Removal

When was the last time your computer was last checked to make sure everything running smoothly? Have you noticed your PC running a bit slower than usual?

Have you noticed your computer acting a little strange, slowing down, crashing or getting annoying pop-up’s on your PC. You could have a virus, its dangerous to carry on using your computer and ignoring these problems. arrange an appointment with us and we will give your machine a complete assessment and remove any of those nasty viruses and spy ware you might have lingering.

We have a pre-determined set of general housekeeping tasks we performance on your PC to improve its overall performance and stability. We can also check and remove viruses and spyware. Book your computer in with us, give us a call today.

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